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With our uniquely designed furniture stickers, you can easily rejuvenate your furniture.

It's okay if you've never done this before - browse through our stylish selection and we'll help you get started.

  • Are you a DIY pro?

    Do you want to revamp your rental without making permanent changes? Or do you just
    long for unleashing your true style?

    Let your creativity flow and elevate your furniture with Barka's unique patterns. Experiment boldly and transform your living space into an aesthetic haven!

    Furniture stickers 
  • Want to breathe freshness into your home without making a major investment?

    Planning a room makeover but unsure where to start? Hoping to make your old furniture kid-friendly?

    Reimagine your home with Barka furniture stickers! Pick from our durable and stylish patterns that will shield your furniture even from the messy little hands of your kids.

    Barka Kids 
  • Looking to elevate the ambiance of yourcatalog-worthy home?

    Perhaps working on a custom project?

    Give Barka's customizable, distinctive furniture stickers and tailored patterns a try! Impress your guests with our elegant yet cost-effective solutions.

    Premium stickers 
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