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Silver Square 3D Decorative overlay for IKEA MALM chest

Silver Square 3D Decorative overlay for IKEA MALM chest

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MALM chest size
  • Méretre szabott
  • Vízálló
  • Tartós

3 mm vastagságú PVC dekorelem. Az elemek katalógus alapján méretre szabottak, de vásárlás előtt mindenképpen ellenőrizd saját bútoraid nagyságát. A CSOMAG A BÚTORT NEM TARTALMAZZA.

Így helyezd fel:

1. Tedd szabaddá a ragasztandó felületet.
2. Nedves, puha ronggyal alaposan tisztísd meg a matrica helyét.
3. Illeszd a dekorelemet a felületre.

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Transform your furniture with elegant 3D decor overlays!

The package contains: 3D overlays, double-sided adhesive tape.

Bring a bit of spark to your IKEA furniture with these custom-made decor overlays. Sticking them to the surface will be quick and easy. After full adhesion, the overlays will not slip or move. Please note that if you were to remove the 3D overlays after adhesion, that could damage the surface!

These 3D decor items were tailored to size based on furniture dimensions from IKEA's product catalog, so you don't have to worry about cutting them to fit. However, please measure your own furniture before purchasing to ensure that the dimensions match.