Namely: Eszter and Nóri, the founders of Barka.

  • Eszter


    Ever since I was a teen I was drawn to style. I was amazed by the harmony of colors, the mixture of styles, the history of objects, the act of creative expression. I collected home decor magazines and always daydreamed about home styling. Those dreams had not been coming true for a long time as my creative expression found an outlet in marketing for years. But I always kept home styling as a hobby, something that truly replenishes me.

    I've met Nóri 17 years ago and our relationship developed from an office connection into deep friendship. We share many passions and interests such as travelling, design, creativity and of course - cats.

  • Nóri


    I've been planning my future dream home from my teenage years. My dad used to drag my furniture across my room almost every month because I was constantly having new ideas on how to make my space even prettier, even comfier. As I'm not exactly the handy-woman type, my self-expression initially blossomed in dancing and my creativity went into my career as a marketing professional.

    Eszter is a true soulmate and the foundation of our long-standing friendship has always been the true love of life. We love-love travelling, gastronomy, cats and interior design. That's why making homes stylish and expressive became our shared passion.

Our big moment came in 2023 when both of us realized we want to do something together. A shared project that's great to work on together.

Then one night with friends an idea emerged: why don't we democratize home decoration? Why not make style both enjoyable and accessible at the same time? Why don't we make it available to as many people and homes as possible?

From our friends Gábor and Péter shared our enthusiasm and decided to embark with us on this journey. They add their innovative technical background to our creativity so that we can make our dream come true.

The four of us brought Barka to life.

  • Why do we do it?

    We believe that all homes deserve to be stylish. And every home maker deserves a stylish, unique and enjoyable home space. This should not be luxury.

    We want to inspire people to dare reshaping their homes even if only with small steps. We believe that you don't have to throw out all your furniture to create something completely new - a brand new atmosphere in your home.

    We offer decoration and home items that make rejuvenating your home enjoyable. We work with easy-to-use, durable and high-quality materials that are eco-friendly. When making our products we always strive for innovative solutions and production methodologies.

  • Why Barka?

    Barka is the Hungarian word for catkin. This plant has long been regared as a symbol of fresh starts and rejuvenation. We rejuvenate our home from time to time as it is a representation of our daily lives. It can be as easy and simple as a new pillow to welcome spring into our space or a soft and cozy blanket for the winter. And there are those bigger changes where we crave something more substantial: we create something totally new from the furniture we already have at home.

    Catkin blends into its surroundings and yet it always stands out with its unique beauty. The designs we bring to life will make your home shine the same way. The softness of catkin reminds us not just of the softness of our kittens' paws but also of that soothing feeling we get anytime we get home after a long day. We sit on the couch and look around in our space and feel: yes, this is it. This is home.